Everything you need to know about learning Portuguese in Rio de Janeiro

If you have the dream of learning more about a culture and you feel like doing it starting with learning the language of that place, you have the ideal profile for an exchange course.

Lately, Brazil has been one of the most sought-after destinations for foreign exchange students, especially after the World Cup and the Olympics because the world has come to know much more about our country and people want to come here.

learn portuguese in rio de janeiro

Among all Brazilian cities, Rio de Janeiro stands out as the destination most visited by foreigners and, consequently, who wants to study and learn portuguese in rio de janeiro find many options of language schools that work with the teaching of Portuguese for foreigners.

In fact, one of the best courses in the city offers a huge variety of classes for students with the most varied objectives to learn the Portuguese language in the best possible way, and you can check all these details before you even get to Rio de Janeiro, just go to Rio and Learn website, which is available in the English and Spanish versions, to see more information about that.

I have a Canadian friend who came to Brazil to learn Portuguese. He spent six months in Rio de Janeiro, studied at Rio and Learn, and every day I could see his evolution in our language. Of course, this requires a lot of dedication from the student, but if the course is good, the person actually learns in much less time than anyone can imagine.

So, if this is really your dream or your goal, dedicate yourself to it and come to study at the best Portuguese language school for foreigners in Rio de Janeiro. Come to Rio and Learn and learn Portuguese for real!