All you need to know to take care of your teeth in the USA

Here in the United States, things are a bit different in regards to our health care. In Brazil, we are accustomed to going to the dentist regularly and periodically, but here in the United States I have found it very difficult to maintain this routine of care, especially since it is an expensive service.

I spent a few years without paying proper attention to my oral health because of this, but I did not give up looking for a good dentist with more affordable prices, and finally I found it when I moved to Florida, and the best of all is that the clinic I was from a Brazilian dentist, that is, I felt literally at home.Minty Dental Studio is the best and offers treatments for the whole family, and it is no wonder that the clinic is a reference in quality care throughout the state of Florida.

It’s been six months since I, my husband and our three children took care of our teeth there.My husband is American, and he told me that the difference in care and treatment is very large compared to the local dentists he had already gone through in his life, which shows that Minty Dental Studio is really great.My son started an orthodontic treatment there and since then we’ve been following all his progress closely, and the dentist in charge of my son’s case always comes in contact and is available to answer our questions.When he changed the teeth of the permanent teeth, some were born crooked, and for that reason he had to put dental apparatus.

In my case, I chose to do some more esthetic procedures, such as tooth whitening.I’m addicted to coffee and Coca-Cola, so my teeth have turned a bit yellow and it always bothered me a lot. I always wanted to have that perfect, white smile, so as soon as I met Minty Dental Studio, I rushed to let me know if they performed this kind of procedure and fortunately they did.It’s been two months since I started this treatment and I’m seeing enough results.

My husband and two other children, so far, have only done routine exams and the classic cleaning, which I have also done and I do not do anywhere else. I rely too much on their work, so far everything has been very correct, organized and efficient, and the service has all the Brazilian way that we love and miss us when we decide to live abroad, especially here in the United States.If you are Brazilian, then I recommend you go to Minty Dental Studio because it’s like you’re in Brazil again, and that’s a very good feeling. I confess that when my husband decided to move to Florida, I did not really like the idea because I was already used to living in California and did not want to move, but I confess it was the best thing that happened. As on the east coast there are many Brazilians, I felt at home very quickly.

My kids soon got involved in school, the quality of life here is also excellent, Disney is on the side and we can go with the whole family when we want and, as a matter of fact, I could still find a dental clinic with Brazilian roots to take care of my oral health and of my whole family.Visit the Minty Dental Studio website to learn more about this dental clinic and about Dr. Camila, who was the founder of Minty Dental Studio.

There, you will be able to know all of her career, the history of the company and what are the treatments that they offer, so that you can see if there you will find exactly what you are looking for. My family fully relies on Minty Dental Studio for all our dental care and we love the care, pricing and quality of the professionals who work there. Visit their website to check the addresses and schedule your appointment as soon as possible. You will never want to know from another dentist.